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The Tactical Certification Course (TCC) is five days in duration consisting of focuses on Army doctrine and the foundations for tactical planning the organization of an Infantry Rifle Squad and Platoon, Light Infantry Platoon defensive planning, the offense, and Light Infantry Platoon in the attack.

a.  PURPOSE: To ensure standardization of tactical doctrine for instructors, leaders, and other infantry tactics trainers.

b.  SCOPE: Army Doctrine (As outlined in ADP 3-0, ADP 5-0 and ADP 3-90) and foundations for tactical planning and execution to include Unified Land Operations, Troop Leading Procedures, Orders, Operational Terms and Military Symbols, Defensive and Offensive Tasks. You will be required to meet the minimum POI standards in order to graduate.

c.  REQUIREMENTS: During TCC students will be required to satisfactory complete the following: 

1. Participate in all classroom discussions.

2. Complete all homework assignments.

3. Students cannot miss more than 1 hour of training.

4. Instructors will review and approve the Students operation order before presentation.

5. Achieve a minimum of 70% or better on the presentation of Operations Order Performance Evaluation.

6. Achieve a minimum of 70% or better on the Tactical Certification Final Examination.

Course Prerequisites: You must be active Army or reserve component enlisted or officer personnel. Soldiers reporting for training must meet the physical standards of AR 600-9. Students may not be on a physical profile. All Soldiers must be a graduate of OBC, ALC, or warrant officer basic course. The minimum rank for student attendance is SSG for NCO's, and 2LT or W1 for officers. A Soldier who is currently one grade below the minimum rank requirements may attend TCC with the approval of his/her BN commander.

Course Contact Information

DSN: 491-2483

COMM: 717-861-2483